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I am excited to announce that I am now writing for as the paper crafts expert.

I invite you to check it out. There are many new  paper craft articles not available on this site!

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Find out the latest from! These tutorials are not featured on, so make sure to check out the links here.

paper mache zentangle hearts

Make some of these very pretty paper mache hearts for your sweetie. You can also use them as Valentine decorations in your home. Spread the love this Valentines Day!These paper mache hearts work well as hanging ornaments and kitchen magnets too. So pretty and fun to make!


Halloween Paper Lantern Craft

It's not too late to make these fabulous Halloween Lanterns. Just skip the oiling step and you will still have really cute lanterns to display on your porch, deck or even have your child carry when trick or treating. If your child is carrying the lantern, make sure to use battery operated candles or tea lights.

Next to an Easter bunny, the other most recognizable symbol of the holiday is an Easter chick. Both the bunny and the chick symbolize new life and the Spring season. These Easter chicks are so easy to make and certainly much easier to care for than a real one :)

corner origami bookmark

Reading books is one of lifes greatest pleasures! These corner bookmarks are simple to make. Once you get the hang of the folding process, you can whip one out in about 30 seconds. Wow! This is a great craft to make with older children. One of the added benefits is that you use no glue. No glue, no mess. It doesn't get better than that.