Spiky Kraft Paper Flowers

Do you remember the korker/corkscrew hair bow trend that was popular a couple of years ago? I was searching the Internet last week, looking for inspiration and came upon this neat little craft.

The hair bows looked so cute. I then wondered if it were possible to get those great little corkscrew curls out of paper. I watched some YouTube video tutorials, learned how to get that fantastic curl using paper instead of ribbons. Voila!!! It is possible and I will show you how !!!

I have a bunch of paper craft projects in mind incorporating this technique and can’t wait to feature them in future posts.


My first project is a beautiful spiky paper flower made out of a Kraft Paper card stock. Although the flower looks complicated, it is really easy to make. It does take a lot of time, so some patience is necessary, but the end results are beautiful.

Supplies needed:

  • Brown Kraft Paper card stock
  • Paper Cutter
  • 3/16 ” wood dowels (Packages can be found in the Walmart craft department. Longer dowels needed for stems can be bought at your local hardware store)
  • Wooden clothespins (I found some in the craft section at Walmart)
  • Low temperature hot glue sticks and hot glue gun.
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Baking tray
  • 1.5″ Styrofoam balls



  1. To make a flower you will need approximately two and one-half sheets of 8.5 x 11 Kraft card stock.
  2. Cut the paper lengthwise into 3/8’s inch strips. It doesn’t have to be exactly 3/8’s inch but try to get the strips as close to that width as you can. After cutting 2.5 sheets into strips start wrapping the dowels.
  3. You will need 3/16 inch dowels and wooden clothespins to make the curl.
  4. Starting at the top of the dowel wrap a strip of paper at an angle around the dowel. Secure the top and bottom of the dowel with clothespins.
  5. Spray the paper dowels liberally with a water mist.
  6. Place the paper dowels on a baking tray, and bake in a preheated oven (225 degrees) for about 10 minutes.
  7. Let the dowels cool, remove the clothespins, and then gently remove the paper curls.
  8. Cut the paper curls into 2.5 inch sections. Cut one end of the section horizontally and cut the top at an angle.
  9. Push the dowel into the Styrofoam ball about .5 inch. Remove the dowel, place some hot glue onto the top of the dowel and place into the Styrofoam ball once again.Start gluing the paper sections starting from the bottom and work your way up to the top. The sections may wobble around at first, so just hold them securely for a couple of seconds until the glue starts to cool down.
  10. Continue until the entire ball is covered with paper sections and you are done.
  11. Admire your beautiful Spiky paper flower!!!
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Paper Flower From Dollar Bills

June is the month that celebrates graduations. We often give graduates bouquets of flowers as a gift to mark the occasion. Flowers are nice, beautiful in fact, but most younger people would like the gift of cash flowers better! You know this is true!  🙂

Give a bouquet of flowers that is made out of dollar bills (or fives,  tens, twenties, fifties or more). The graduate will actually love these!

Instructions for these easy to make paper flowers are in the video below.


Special thanks to Steph from Curbnotes.com youtube channel for sharing this informative rose money tutorial.




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Paper Flower Tealight Party Decoration

Battery powered tea lights have been popular for a couple of years now. They are great party decorations because unlike regular candle tea lights, these are safe. This paper project decorates a tea light with a paper flower design made out of card stock and is easy and fast to make. This flower would look absolutely gorgeous on a buffet table or as a table decoration.

All you have to do is cut out flower parts and hot glue them onto the plastic led tea light. Just follow the directions below, and soon you will have cute and easy to make decorative party li


1.Download the tea light flower project template here.

2.Cut out seven petals from light colored card stock.

3. Cut out flower center from yellow card stock.


paper flwoer petals

4. Curl the petals lengthwise (to make them look realistic)  toward the centers as in the photo above.


5. Curl the flower centers as in the photo above.



6. Attach the petals around the top of the tea light with hot glue. Glue the flower center in a circle on the top of the tea light.

7. Turn on the lights and admire your beautiful party light decorations!




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DIY Paper Tube Flowers

I was looking at pins on Pinterest the other day and was amazed by the amount of creativity and inspiration available on the site. One of the types of projects that caught my eye was the unusual crafts people made out of toilet paper rolls. I was amazed. There were wall hangings that looked like iron, paper flowers, little animal sculptures, and even amazing miniature art cut inside of a cardboard roll. Wow!!!

I knew I had to try making something out of cardboard tubes. I like paper flowers, so I decided to give cardboard tube flowers a try. I am quite pleased with the results. This project is super easy, super cheap and fast to make. Follow the tutorial below, and soon you will be enjoying your recycled flowers.

Supplies Needed:


  • one toilet paper cardboard tube
  • one gift wrap or paper towel cardboard tube
  • scissors
  • hot glue and a hot glue gun
  • one bamboo skewer
  • brown floral tapetoilet paper tube flower instructions


  1. Gather supplies needed for the project.
  2. Flatten toilet paper roll as in the photo above.
  3. Cut the top and bottom of toilet paper roll. You will now have two squares.
  4. Cut the stems for the center of flower about 1/8 wide as in the photo.
  5. Roll the first piece to form the flower center and glue edge with hot glue to stabilize and keep from unrolling.
  6. Continue with the second piece. Roll and the glue the edge so that this piece does not unroll.
  7. Glue the bottom of the flower center with a large amount of hot glue. Wait for it to dry.
  8. Cut 16 circles about 1/2 inch wide from the gift wrap tube. Clip the bottom of each circle to form a V shape, without cutting the circle open. This will give you extra room to glue the circles onto the center of the flower.
  9. Glue eight circles to the flower center as in the photo above.
  10. Glue the next eight circles with hot glue in between the “petals” already glued into place. Insert the bamboo skewer through the bottom of the flower to form the stem.
  11. Cut a piece of cardboard tubing about 3″ by 4″. Cut 6 1/4 inch petals from this piece of cardboard.
  12. Use a pencil to curl and roll each petal edge.
  13. Roll into a tight roll to form flower sepals. Thread through the bamboo skewer to the bottom of the flower, and attach with hot glue. Wrap the skewer with brown floral tape. Wrap the floral tape one or two times more to give the stem a little more width.

A word of caution: Be careful when using a hot glue gun. The glue reaches extremely high temperatures, and it is easy to burn your fingers and hand. Always use common sense when working with hot glue.

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Grocery Bag Paper Flower Craft

This brown paper flower is a craft project you can make with your children. It is easier to make than it looks, and costs almost nothing! The hardest part is cutting out the petals and leaves. How easy is that


brown paper flower


  • paper grocery bags
  • scissors
  • printer
  • heavy cardstock or cardboard
  • hot glue gun
  • bamboo skewer or small wooden dowel rod


      • You will need a couple of grocery bags per flower. It depends on the size of the bag and where the printing lies as to how many will be used. As you can see in the above photo, my favorite store to shop is Meijer :)I cut four sheets from the bag, but it will vary for you.
      • Tear the bag open at the seams and lie flat. Use a dry iron to iron the paper bag as flat as possible. There will still be creases, but it will not be as noticeable once you have printed the design



    • Cut out 8.5″ x 11 ” squares from the flat paper bag. Make sure that there is no printing on either the front or the back of the sheet. You will need approximately four sheets per flower.


    • Download the damask print jpg and insert into your favorite software. You are now ready to print. Insert the paper bag sheet into your printer, and set the ink at the ink saving setting. Ink saving gives a pretty soft antique look to the print.
    • Print at a standard 8.5 x 11 paper size.
    • Once you have printed the front side, insert the paper into the printer again, and print the design on the back side.
    • Download the brown bag floral template and trace onto heavier cardboard or cardstock.Trace around these templates on the printed brown paper. Cut the shapes from the printed brown paper as follows:
    • Eight extra large petals
    • Four large petals
    • Four medium petals
    • One stamen (cut this from regular unprinted brown paper)
    • One circle. Place the circle on a flat surface.  Cut a one-inch slit on the bottom of each extra large petal and overlap the bottom edges. Secure with hot glue and then glue onto the outer edges of the circle.
    • Glue the four large petals onto the inside of the circle next. The medium circles are glued next and the stamen (after rolling) onto the center of the circle.


    • Take the edges of the petals and curl them using the bamboo skewer or dowel. Heck, even a pencil will work for this step!


  • Cut leaves from the brown paper bag to any size you wish, and emboss leaf veins using a sharp object. Dragging scissors over the leaf works well.
  • Glue the leaves to the back of the paper flower.You are now ready to enjoy your beautiful recycled paper flower.!



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Paper Poppy Flower Craft



Paper (card stock, coffee filters, or scrapbook paper depending on the style of flower.)

Floral wire

Green floral tape

Brown flower tape

Floral wire cutters

Watercolor paints (used to paint coffee filter petals)
Button for the center if making the flower with scrapbook paper and wish to have a “country” look.


  1. Download the poppy flower template.
  2. Cut out six petals.
  3. Poppy’s are by nature crinkled flowers. To mimic this in our paper flowers, we need to fold each petal, and then twist and unfold as in the following picture.
  4. Cut a piece of floral wire to the length you desire, and attach petal to wire with floral tape.
  5. To make the center wrap brown floral tape around a piece of floral wire, and then fold the floral wire in half, as in the picture below.
  6. Cut out a square from black paper and then cut out fringe ( follow the example of the template) and attach with floral tape to the brown floral tape center piece.
  7. Arrange the petals around the center and wrap the stem with floral tape to secure.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful paper poppy flower craft.
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Fantasy Paper Flower Made From Scrapbook Paper

Are you the type of person that loves flowers, but wishes they would last a bit longer?

Paper flower crafts may be for you. There are an amazing choice and quality of papers available today, allowing you to make realistic looking flowers.


On the other hand, paper flowers can come from pure fantasy. The flower craft featured in this article is in the fantasy category and could be considered floral art.

Although the projects look complicated, it is effortless to make. All you need is a little bit of patience, and the willingness to follow each step in order. You will be amazed how beautiful these paper flowers look; the photograph does not do them justice.

Make some for your next party as a decoration, or even just to display in your home. Then stand back and be ready to receive the compliments!

  • 3-inch styrofoam balls
  • quick set tacky glue
  • bone folder or embossing stylus
  • My Minds Eye Bohemia Bella “Sweet Sisters” Paisley/Brown scrapbooking paper
  • green cardstock
  • green floral tape
  • floral wire
  • paper covered floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • scissors or cutting machine
  1. Download pdf template
  2. Cut out approximately 97 petals from My Minds Eye paisley scrapbook paper
  3. Cut out four .5 inch circles from My Minds Eye paisley scrapbook paper
  1. Cut out seven calyxes from green cardstock
  2. Cut out one 1 3/4 inch circle from green cardstock
  3. Glue the four .5 inch circles onto the top of the ball. Make sure the brown side of the paper is up. 
  4. Glue petals brown side up, round side towards top around the four circles.
  5. The next row of petals should be Paisley side, pointy side up. Curl the pointy end of the petal outwards and place glue on bottom half of petal.
  6. Glue a row of petals around the circumference of the styrofoam ball.
  7. Continue gluing petals to the ball until you have enough rows of petals to almost cover the styrofoam ball ( about a 1-inch circle should be left uncovered on the bottom of the styrofoam ball.
  8. Curl the seven green calyx pieces and glue to the bottom of the styrofoam ball in a circle, pointy side curling outwards.
  9. Glue the 1 3/4 circle to the bottom of the styrofoam ball over the calyx pieces.
  10. Wrap floral tape around the wrapped floral wire. The wrapped wire will be the flower stem. Push the stem into the bottom of the styrofoam ball.
  11. Using an embossing stylus or bone folder, emboss the leaves as in the picture.
  12. Wrap two  7 inch pieces of regular floral wire, with floral tape.
  13. Glue one wrapped floral wire to the back of each leaf spine for stability.
  14. After the glue dries, use floral tape to attach the leaf to stem of a flower.
  15. Arrange the flowers as desired.
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Spiky Scrapbook Paper Dahlia Flower

Who doesn’t love flowers? This spiky dahlia welcomes spring into your home and lasts so much longer than real flowers! It takes one sheet of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to make one Dahlia (minus the leaves)



  • One sheet 12 x 12 scrapbook paper of your choice to make the flower head
  • One sheet of green scrapbook paper for leaves.
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Fast drying tacky glue
  • Embossing tool


  1. Download the spiky dahlia template.
  2. Follow the template and cut out the specified amount of petals and leaves.
  3. Glue a 12-inch piece of floral wire to each paper petal with a fast drying tacky glue
  4. After the petal is dry and the wire is securely attached, wrap the bottom corners of the petal around the wire and then wrap with floral tape.
  5. Repeat with each petal
  6. Gather the small petals in a bunch, each petal facing inward, and wrap this bunch with floral tape.
  7. Start arranging middle size petals around the small petals as in the photo, and wrap with floral tape.
  8. Repeat with large petals on the bottom row.
  9. Wrap all the floral wires with green floral tape to make the stem of the flower.
  10. Attach leaf to stem with floral tape.

Voila! You now have the most beautiful paper flower. Place it in a vase and admire!

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Cattail Paper Flower Project

This paper flower project looks quite complicated, but it is quite easy to make.The cutting may seem challenging, but even children will be able to cut along the lines with a little help from Mom.

Supplies needed:


  • Hot glue gun
  • glue stick
  • medium weight beige paper
  • brown cardstock
  • floral wire, wooden dowel, or bamboo skewers
  • brown floral tape




1. Download cattail template.

2. Cut the template out from medium weight beige paper. If you want the paper flower to be similar to the photo above, make sure to cut out two beige paper floral cattail templates.

3. Fold the template lengthwise being careful not to crease it, and use a glue stick to glue the bottom edge together.

4. Wrap floral tape around the dowel, or floral wire to form a stem for the cattail.

5. Glue the tip of the template on the top of the stem with a bit of hot glue as in the photo below.

6. Wrap the template around the stem and glue the end of the stem with a bit of hot glue.If you want the flower to be bigger and fuller, glue another floral paper template onto the bottom portion of the stem and keep on winding. Fasten the end of the stem with more hot glue. Wrap the base with more floral tape.

7. Cut out two leaves.  Fold and crease each leaf to make the leaf look realistic.Attach the leaf to stem with floral tape.paper cattail flower

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