Cute Floral and Ribbon Paper Cake Favor Boxes

paper cake favor boxes

Cake Favor Boxes That Will be the Hit of Any Party

Paper cake favor boxes are a lovely way to thank you for guests attending a bridal, wedding or baby shower. They are constructed from cardstock and are filled with little trinkets or even a slice of real cake. Make some paper cake favor boxes today that are not only beautiful table decorations but are also a delightful party favor box your party guests will love.

The craft is a paper cake made up of 12 individual slices, which form a round cake when place together. Each cake slice is a paper container which can be filled with candy, small gifts or anything the hostess of the party wishes to give her guests as a token of her appreciation.

Each paper cake favor box is made from an 8.5 x 11  sheet of cardstock. Just print the pdf download onto the sheet of cardstock, cut and glue. It is that easy! This cake looks fabulous displayed on a real cake stand or plate and also works well as a table centerpiece.

You can wrap the cake favor boxes with a piece of ribbon to simulate icing, and tie the ribbon ends together. Top each cake slice with a paper flower, butterfly, or some frou-frou. My example photo features little silk hydrangeas and green cardstock paper leaves.
Make one “paper cake” for each table at your event, and you will have some thrifty party decor as well. So beautiful and comfortable on the pocketbook as well!

Supplies Needed:

printable paper cake favor box template

Download the free printable PDF (electronic die cut files are also included for those that wish to use their digital die cut machines) and print onto the twelve sheets of beige cardstock.

Cut the Printed Paper Cake Template

cut out paper cake slice favor box

Cut out twelve paper cake slice templates with scissors or your digital die cut machine.


Score and Fold the Template

scored and folded paper cake slice template favor box

  1. Use a bone folder and ruler to score the fold lines of the template.
  2. Once you have scored all of the fold lines, crease sharply with your fingers and fold into place.
  3. Use the glue runner to run adhesive onto the side and top flaps of the paper cake template.
  4. Gently fold into place and press firmly with your fingers to secure the adhesive.

Wrap the Paper Cake Slice with Ribbon

paper rose and paper cake slice favor box

Fill the paper cake slice favor box with candies, small gifts or whatever you choose to give your guests. Finish the favor box with a beautiful tied pink ribbon.

Attach Silk Ribbon and Leafs to the Top of the Paper Cake Slice

overview of paper cake slice favor box


Attach silk flowers and two green cardstock leaves (PDF printable for a leaf is included in the download) with hot glue. Arrange the finished paper cake slices into a round cake and place on a cake stand or cake plate. That is it! A beautiful party decoration and favor box craft that your guests will love! So easy, so simple and so, so lovely!

paper cake slice favor box cake and coffee




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