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I am excited to announce that I am now writing for as the paper crafts expert.

I invite you to check it out. There are many new  paper craft articles not available on this site!

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dragon fly paper mosaic craft lgDecorating Ikea Malma mirrors with paper mosaics is one of my favorite paper crafts. Ikea Malma mirrors are inexpensive and so easy to decorate with stunning results. Scrap booking paper is used to make the mosaics and is available in an almost endless array of beautiful colors and designs. Choose a paper that matches your home decor, and you can have wall art for a few dollars.


Supplies Needed:

  • One Ikea Malma mirror
  • My Minds Eye Backyard "Adventure"Dragonfly Scrap booking paper
  • Black Poster Board
  • Tacky Glue
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Modge Podge
  • One Foam Brush
  • Ruler
  • Xacto knife or paper cutter


  1. Spray the back of the scrap booking paper with adhesive, and place carefully onto poster board that is the same size as the scrapbook paper.
  2. Cut mosaic tiles into small evenly sized squares from the scrapbook paper that is glued onto the poster board with the ruler and Xacto knife. (be careful to keep fingers out of the way of knife)
  3. Glue the tiles to the Malma mirror with tacky glue. Keep a 1/8 inch space in between the tiles to mimic grout.
  4. After the glue dries coat the paper tiles using the foam brush with Modge Podge. Let dry. Apply a second coat and let dry.
  5. Enjoy your mirror!!!