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I am excited to announce that I am now writing for as the paper crafts expert.

I invite you to check it out. There are many new  paper craft articles not available on this site!

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handmade paper notepads

In one of my previous incarnations, I was employed as a desktop publisher (glorified clerk) in a quick print operation. Many small business owners would come by and have business notepads printed and assembled. I would always be amazed at the amount of money they would spend on these notepads, because I knew just how cheap and easy they were to make!

refrigerator magnets out of leftover scrapbook paper

I don't know about you, but it breaks my heart when I spend a lot of money on scrapbook paper and only use a small portion of it. I save all of the bits and pieces knowing that I will use them somehow in the future.

This easy paper craft uses all of those odds and ends you have laying around around and turns them into refrigerator magnets. Everyone could use a refrigerator magnet or two to hang up the precious works of art from our children, important notes, reminders etc. It starts with wooden shapes.