Paper Poppy Flower Craft



Paper (card stock, coffee filters, or scrapbook paper depending on the style of flower.)

Floral wire

Green floral tape

Brown flower tape

Floral wire cutters

Watercolor paints (used to paint coffee filter petals)
Button for the center if making the flower with scrapbook paper and wish to have a “country” look.


  1. Download the poppy flower template.
  2. Cut out six petals.
  3. Poppy’s are by nature crinkled flowers. To mimic this in our paper flowers, we need to fold each petal, and then twist and unfold as in the following picture.
  4. Cut a piece of floral wire to the length you desire, and attach petal to wire with floral tape.
  5. To make the center wrap brown floral tape around a piece of floral wire, and then fold the floral wire in half, as in the picture below.
  6. Cut out a square from black paper and then cut out fringe ( follow the example of the template) and attach with floral tape to the brown floral tape center piece.
  7. Arrange the petals around the center and wrap the stem with floral tape to secure.
  8. Enjoy your beautiful paper poppy flower craft.
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