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11 Decorated No Carve Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Photo: Color Made Happy

Painted Pumpkin Ideas You Will Absolutely Love

Kids and grownups love Halloween. Celebrated the season by painting your pumpkins rather than carving them this year. We have provided some painted pumpkin ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Painted pumpkins last a lot longer than carved ones, plus you can get crazy when painting or decorating them. Have some fun with your family with a Halloween craft night!

Bohemian style decor is very trendy. Channel your inner hippie and paint your pumpkin bright colors to set a colorful Halloween mood. You can even display them as unusual fall home decor items.

Colorful Pumpkin Decorating Ideas from Color Made Happy




pumpkin with witch hat

Photo:The Craft Patch

Pull out your Cricut and cut out some eyelashes for your pumpkin. Glue them on and top of your pumpkin with the cutest

floral witch hat made from scrapbook paper. Such lovely painted pumpkin ideas! This is a wonderful way to use some of your leftover scrapbook paper.

Witch Pumpkin With Paper Flower Hat from The Craft Patch






gold foil pumpkins

Photo: Lia Griffith

Lia Griffith is the queen of crafting, and you would not expect any less when it comes to her fall home decor and painted pumpkin ideas. Add gold foiling to your craft pumpkins and display with paper flowers for stunning seasonal fall decorations.

Gold Foil Pumpkins for Fall Decorating from Lia Griffith





painted marble pumpkins

Photo: Bliss Makes

Paint pouring art has been very popular. The paint pouring art technique produces fabulous works of art that look as if painted by professional abstract artists. Even the artistically challenged can get great results using this process. Why not decorate Halloween pumpkins the same way? A great painted pumpkin idea!

Give Paint Pouring A Try! | DIY Marble Pumpkins from Bliss Makes





rainbow colored spiders glued on pumpkin

Photo: The Crafted Life

Glue some colored plastic spiders onto a fake pumpkin for instant Halloween fun. Kids will love doing this craft because it is quick and easy!

DIY Rainbow Spider Pumpkin from The Crafted Life







mid century geometric pumpkins

Photo: A Kailo Chic Life

Add some mid-century geometric design to your Halloween decor this year. Pink and teal look great together and add some fun.

DIY Mid Century Geometric Pumpkins from A Kailo Chic Life





pipe cleaner pumpkins

Photo: Design Improvised

Include your little ones in your holiday crafting adventures. These pumpkins decorated with pipe cleaners will be a crafting hit with the younger set.

Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins from Design Improvised





eyeball pumpkins

Photo: Design Improvised

Everyone loves scary eyeballs on Halloween! Paint a variety of eyes onto your pumpkin to set the mood.

Eyeball Pumpkins from Design Improvised





cloth pumpkins

Photo: A Cultivated Nest

The new sew fabric pumpkin tutorial uses fabric to cover a fake pumpkin made with fill, but there is no reason you couldn’t use this technique to cover a real pumpkin. Use your favorite colored and patterned fabric to make the cutest and most unusual pumpkin decor ever.

No Sew DIY Fabric Pumpkins from A Cultivated Nest





gold calligraphy pumpkin

Photo: Cookies and Calligraphy

If you love calligraphy, then this is the holiday craft for you! Choose your favorite Halloween or fall phrase and draw it onto your pumpkin with a gold metallic marker using your favorite font. A festive way to greet all who come to visit!

DIY “Happy Fall Y’all” Calligraphy Pumpkin from Cookies and Calligraphy





glow in the dark pumpkins

Photo: Color Made Happy

Boo! Show off your glow in the dark pumpkin art with a black light.

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins from Color Made Happy


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