Three Easy Art Techniques

Anyone Can Paint Art With These Three Hacks

Non-Artists Can Create Lovely Works of Art

Are you the type of person that would love to create beautiful paintings but just weren’t blessed with the art gene? It is possible to paint beautiful pictures even if you can’t draw a stick figure. We will show you three different paint techniques that will have you making artwork you will be proud to display in your home.


Paint By Number For Adults


Paint by numbers kits have come a long way from the early years. The paintings are unbelievably detailed and the end results are high-quality. A photograph can even be made into a paint by number kit. Many people love painting this way because they feel it reduces stress, gives them a feeling of accomplishment and have high-quality artwork as an end result.

The video below is from Winnie’s Picks a company that sells absolutely gorgeous paint by number kits. The time-lapse video shows how easy it is to produce a beautiful piece of art from start to finish. Just fill in the numbered spaces and the picture comes together. Your first creation will be breathtaking. The end product is so beautiful that many people like to give these pieces of art as gifts.



Acrylic Pouring Paint Technique


The second art technique which will turn you into an instant artist is acrylic paint pouring. If you can mix and pour you can make attractive abstract art that you will be proud of. Kristen from offers a wonderful YouTube video that shows us a process that anyone can do. Just follow the video and you will have stunning art you can hang on your walls in no time. Make sure to check out her site for more projects and inspiration. Kristen is a talented graphic artist whose work you will love. She offers many freebies as well as items you can purchase from her online store.



Paint and Sip Parties


paint and sip event

Photo: By Ileslyyy


If you have never gone to a Paint and Sip party, you don’t know all the fun you are missing. These events are attended by people that wish to paint but don’t always know where to begin. The instructor provides all the paint and supplies and has a predetermined painting that everyone makes together. All you have to do is follow the instructor’s examples. She will show you what colors to put on your brush and how to paint each stroke. At the end of the event, everyone goes home with a similar painting.

These events are usually accompanied by a glass of wine (the sip part of the event) and make a great night out for you and your friends. Painting in this type of environment helps people loosen up and let go of fear.

These three techniques can help anyone develop their artistic skills. You have no excuses! Go out there and produce your art for the world!

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  • Paulette Martin

    I wish I had found this site long ago! I have not made anything yet, but I will soon. When I do I will come back and leave another comment. First I want to make the windchime with the crooked branch and then an acrylic pour. Now to get busy! ☺

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