brown and blue petal pochette card

Brown and Blue Petal Invitation

Petal envelopes add a touch of elegance to your invitations. To make the above project either buy a pochette style envelope from a paper supplier (it must measure 5.25 x 5.25 inches when folded) or download the petal patterns from this site. We have provided a pdf template, or if you are lucky enough to own a paper cutting machine, a WPC file is also available.



A word to the wise: if you are making lots and lots of invitations it is easier just to stick with the pre-made envelopes!!

  • Brown card stock or pre-made pochette envelope
  • Coco and Blue Dotted Circles Scrapbooking Paper (The Paper Studio)5 x 5 ” brown card stock square
  • white card stock
  • light blue grosgrain ribbon
  • scissors
  • spray adhesive
  1. Cut out petal envelope or use a pre-made envelope.
  2. Spray one side of petal envelope with spray adhesive.
  3. Place scrapbook paper face up on the sprayed side of the card stock petal envelope.
  4. Smooth out scrapbook paper and apply pressure to make paper adhere to card stock envelope.
  5. Cut scrapbook paper to the edge of petal envelope with scissors.
  6. Spray the brown card stock square and place carefully onto the center of the envelope and apply pressure to help square adhere to envelope.
  7. Using your favorite word processing software place a picture of a 4.75″ x 4.75″ square onto an 8.5 x 11 page setting.
  8. Insert wording desired into the square and print onto white card stock.
  9. Cut 4.75 x4.75″ square from white card stock.
  10. Spray 4.75″ square with spray adhesive and place carefully onto the center of the brown card stock square.
  11. Fold petal envelope and wrap and tie the grosgrain ribbon around the outside of the card.

Your beautiful invitation is now ready to be given to your party guests.


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