butterfly origami kit

Butterfly Origami Kit for Origami Enthusiasts Review

  • Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
  • ISBN:9780804849319
  • Format: Paperback & Kit
  • Date Published:05/01/2018
  • Illustrations:12 projects; 98 sheets of paper; two 32-pp. booklet

Butterfly Origami Kit

The good people at Tuttle Publishing sent me a butterfly origami kit to try out. Read my review below!

The Origami Butterflies kit comes attractively packaged and ready for gift giving. The kit contains two instruction booklets and 98 sheets of high-quality origami paper. The kit includes tutorials for 12 types of paper butterfly origami kit projects.

If you are an origami enthusiast with a lot of folding experience, you will undoubtedly find this Origami Butterflies Kit fun and challenging. I tried to fold a butterfly provided in the kit, but as I am not an experienced origami folder, found the project too difficult. I then decided to ask my friend Aime, who loves origami and has been doing origami projects since she was a child to try the projects and give her honest opinion.

Amie loved the paper and the different butterfly folding techniques presented in the booklet tutorials. She did find, however, that some of the instructional drawings were not accurate. The kit is advertised as easy for children, but I feel that children would have a hard time completing the butterflies without the help of an experienced adult. The kit that I received did not have an instructional video DVD as part of the packet. I checked with Amazon, and their description states that the butterfly origami kit will be available May 1, 2018, and does contain an instructional DVD. I believe that the video tutorial will alleviate the problems someone would have just following the booklet instructions alone.

In conclusion, I feel that experienced origami folders will enjoy the challenge of the 12 projects presented in the butterfly origami kit. This particular origami kit is not suitable for beginners to start learning origami as the projects are too advanced. Beginners might do better with the Tuttle publication Beginning Origami Kit.


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