Doodle Bird Printable

This birdie is very pretty and is easy to care for, unlike the real thing 🙂 No food, water or cleanup! It looks best when printed on kraft card stock. Just download the free files below and assemble your paper aviary.






  1. Print out bird pdf file on brown kraft card stock.
  2. Cut out the bird prints with scissors.
  3. Fold a 17 inch piece of floral wire in half and wrap tightly with brown floral tape.
  4. Cover the back of one bird with tacky glue, place the floral wire onto the center (as in photograph) and place the other bird on top. Press down to flatten the bird. Wait for glue to dry. Curl the bottom of the floral wire to make a base to support the bird.
  5. Cut out wings and beak. Either use the pdf files as a template, or cut out with die cut machine. Files for most machines are provided in the free download. Fold at fold lines and glue to bird.
  6. That’s it. Now wasn’t that quick and easy?


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