Fantasy Paper Flower Made From Scrapbook Paper

Are you the type of person that loves flowers, but wishes they would last a bit longer?

Paper flower crafts may be for you. There are a fantastic choice and quality of papers available today, allowing you to make realistic looking flowers.


On the other hand, paper flowers can come from pure fantasy. The flower craft featured in this article is in the fantasy category and could be considered floral art.

Although the projects look complicated, it is effortless to make. All you need is a little bit of patience, and the willingness to follow each step in order. You will be amazed how beautiful these paper flowers look; the photograph does not do them justice.

Make some for your next party as a decoration, or even just to display in your home. Then stand back and be ready to receive the compliments!

  • 3-inch styrofoam balls
  • quick set tacky glue
  • bone folder or embossing stylus
  • My Minds Eye Bohemia Bella “Sweet Sisters” Paisley/Brown scrapbooking paper
  • green cardstock
  • green floral tape
  • floral wire
  • paper covered floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • scissors or cutting machine
  1. Download pdf template
  2. Cut out approximately 97 petals from My Minds Eye paisley scrapbook paper
  3. Cut out four .5 inch circles from My Minds Eye paisley scrapbook paper
  4. Cut out seven calyxes from green cardstock
  5. Cut out one 1 3/4 inch circle from green cardstock
  6. Glue the four .5 inch circles onto the top of the ball. Make sure the brown side of the paper is up.
  7. Cut and curl the pointy end of the petals, then glue the first row of petals brown side up on the top of the styrofoam ball around the four circles.
  8. The next row of petals should be Paisley side, pointy side up. Curl the pointy end of the petal outwards and place glue on bottom half of petal.
  9. Glue a row of petals around the circumference of the styrofoam ball.
  10. Continue gluing petals to the ball until you have enough rows of petals to almost cover the styrofoam ball ( about a 1-inch circle should be left uncovered on the bottom of the styrofoam ball.
  11. Curl the seven green calyx pieces and glue to the bottom of the styrofoam ball in a circle, pointy side curling outwards.
  12. Glue the 1 3/4 circle to the bottom of the styrofoam ball over the calyx pieces.
  13. Wrap four pieces of floral wire with floral tape and place the wrapped stems together.
  14. Wrap floral tape around the wrapped floral wire. The wrapped wire will be the flower stem. Push the stem into the bottom of the styrofoam ball.
  15. Using an embossing stylus or bone folder, emboss the leaves as in the picture.
  16. Wrap two  7 inch pieces of regular floral wire, with floral tape.
  17. Glue one wrapped floral wire to the back of each leaf spine for stability.
  18. After the glue dries, use floral tape to attach the leaf to stem of a flower.
  19. Arrange the flowers as desired.


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