Halloween Candle Paper Craft


Decorate candles for Halloween with easy to cut paper words and clip art.

Get some cheap old candles from Walmart and make them look like a million! Just download the Halloween scrapbook paper craft templates and attach to the candles using our easy directions.

You can cut the words and pictures by hand, or use your favorite die cut machine to do the job. Files compatible with most machines are included in the download.


Use black card stock or black tissue paper. The tissue is harder to cut, so if your children are helping, I would suggest using cardstock. Arrange the letters or clip art around the candle, (you can use a little bit of glue or two-way tape to help attach the letters to the candle).


The next step is to wrap the candle with a sheet of wax paper, and then use a hair dryer or embosser to apply heat and melt the art into the candles. Apply heat until the area is shiny, then move on to the next area.


Remove the wax paper, and your candle is now ready to be lit. These make great teachers gifts or Halloween party decorations.


As always, please use common sense when burning candles. Never leave a burning candle unattended!


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