How to convert a drawing into a SVG file Quick and Easily

convert a drawing into an svg file


How to Convert a Drawing into a SVG file

Do you own a cutting machine and want to convert drawings and pdf files into SVG files? Not a problem! It is possible to convert a drawing into an SVG file for cutting with the open source software called Inkscape. You have to love that! This software is free, and there are many tutorials on which will teach you the process. One of my favorite Youtube tutorials is by Laura Polis. She demonstrates how to transform an image into an SVG file which can be cut on a machine in clear, easy to follow steps. She will show you how to be an SVG pro in no time!

What a great way to convert a drawing to a SVG file your favorite art for scrapbooking, card projects or any type of arts and crafts project you can imagine. Save some money too, that way you’ll have more to spend for more crafting supplies 🙂


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