Never Waste Money on Paper Craft Supplies Again

Seven Frugal Crafting Tips

If you are a devoted paper crafter, you will soon discover that it can be an expensive hobby. I love paper crafting and am always looking for ways to economize so I can craft more! Here are some of my favorite tips that may help you save some money on your crafting projects.

Use Coupons

This may seem obvious but using coupons is one of the simplest ways to economize on crafting supplies.You can always find a 40% off coupon for at least one of the major craft supply stores.

Don’t forget to also sign up for coupon text messages when you are at the craft store. Most of the time you will be sent a text immediately with a coupon code which you can immediately use on your purchase.

You don’t have to cut and clip anything. Just show the store clerk your phone with the text message and your discount will be applied

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Be Organized

Make sure to keep your craft supplies organized. Being organized helps avoid wasting money. You will not end up buying duplicate crafting supplies because you either couldn’t find something or just plain couldn’t remember what you have. Been there done that.

Gift Wrap

Card stock and scrapbook paper are expensive, and a thrifty alternative is gift wrap. If you are not concerned about the archival quality, you should consider this paper. You can buy significant amounts of beautifully printed wrapping paper for much less than you would be spending on scrapbook paper.

I especially like to use the glitter wrapping paper that is sold at Christmas. I have bought rolls of silver, gold, red, blue, green and purple glitter gift wrap. It is so much cheaper than the 12 x 12 glitter sheets sold at the craft store.

Metallic wrapping paper is also a bargain compared with scrapbook paper prices. I love to use the silver and copper metallic wrapping papers which are exceptionally lovely.

You can also reuse gift wrap that is discarded at parties and save even more money. You will be kind to the earth by recycling and also good to your pocketbook.

Junk Mail, Magazines, and Newspapers

Speaking of recycling don’t forget to reuse junk mail, magazines and newspapers in creative ways. You can make some unique paper crafts with bits and pieces of these papers.

Magazines containing thick glossy paper work especially well for decoupage projects.Newspaper crafts are trendy, and junk mail can be made into some charming paper sculptures.

If you don’t know where to start just hop on over to Pinterest and check out all the beautiful paper crafts people have made out of recycled papers for inspiration.

Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

Shop thrift stores, garage sales and yard sales for crafting supplies. You will be astounded by some of the bargains you can find.
Many times people will start a craft and then realize that it wasn’t for them or perhaps they just didn’t have the time or interest.

A friend of mine bought Copic markers at a garage sale that were barely used. He paid $25 for a set of 72 markers that retails for around $250.00. Now that was truly a good deal!

You never know what you will find when shopping second hand.

Recycle Paper Boxes

Cereal boxes and paper cartons make great substitutes for chipboard.
I have cut cereal boxes down to letter size and then cut out shapes on my digital die cutter with great success.

You can also find various thicknesses and widths of cardboard boxes that can be easily adapted to craft projects.

Trade Supplies With Your Friends

Invite your friends over for a craft swap party.  Trade your leftover, excess art supplies with your buddies.Remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It is a win-win situation for everyone, plus an excuse to get together with one another and have some fun.

Do more save more!

Frugal people will find that these seven tips will help them save quite a bit of money when paper crafting



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