1. Put the paper in landscape view and fold it horizontally. Then use a bone folder to press the fold in place. Open the paper so that it is in the original landscape view again.
    folded sheet of paper
  2. Then make the next fold, and the fold the paper vertically. Use the bone folder to press this fold into place.
    folded paper
  3. Now fold both open ends towards the middle. Use bone folder, and open the paper back to the previous position.
  4. The paper should now look like this image.Using your scissors cut a straight line along the red cut line up to the center of the paper.
    cut and fold greeting card
  5. Using both hands grasp each side of the cut pieces and pull towards the outside.
  6. Your card should now have eight sides and look like this image.
    eight sided greeting card
  7. Fold the paper into a booklet form and glue the hearts onto the six inside pages.
  8. Write your sentiments on the card, and present it to the one you love!