paper cattail flower

Paper Cattail Flower You Will Love

How to Make a Paper Cattail Flower

This paper cattail flower project looks beautiful but quite complicated, yet it is quite easy to make. The cutting may seem challenging, but even children will be able to cut along the lines with a little help from Mom. Arrange your paper cattail flower in an attractive vase for stunning home decor. The paper cattail flower arrangement will add a touch of crafty beauty to your home.

Supplies needed:


  • Hot glue gun
  • glue stick
  • medium weight beige paper
  • brown cardstock
  • floral wire, wooden dowel, or bamboo skewers
  • brown floral tape




1. Download cattail template.

2. Cut the template out from medium weight beige paper. If you want the paper flower to be similar to the photo above, make sure to cut out two beige paper floral cattail templates.

3. Fold the template lengthwise being careful not to crease it, and use a glue stick to glue the bottom edge together.

4. Wrap floral tape around the dowel, or floral wire to form a stem for the cattail.

5. Glue the tip of the template on the top of the stem with a bit of hot glue as in the photo below.

6. Wrap the template around the stem and glue the end of the stem with a bit of hot glue.If you want the flower to be bigger and fuller, glue another floral paper template onto the bottom portion of the stem and keep on winding. Fasten the end of the stem with more hot glue. Wrap the base with more floral tape.

7. Cut out two leaves.  Fold and crease each leaf to make it look realistic.Attach the leaf to stem with floral tape.paper cattail flower

Place the flower in a vase in groups of three at staggered heights for the optimum floral arrangement.


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