money rose flower in a vase with mortar board

Paper Money Flowers the Ultimate Graduation Gift

Everyone Loves  Paper Money Flowers

June is the month that celebrates graduations. We often give graduates bouquets as a gift to mark the occasion. Flowers are sweet, beautiful in fact, but most young people would like the gifting of cash better. Why not make some pretty paper money flowers made from dollar bills as a gift? You still have the traditional graduation gift with a lovely twist. Your graduate will love it!

You can make one money rose or an entire bouquet. We made our flower from dollar bills, but if you are feeling particularly generous, they can b,e constructed from fives, tens, twenties or even hundred dollar bills.

These lovely paper money flowers also work well as a cute wedding or bridal shower gift. The flowers will last for a long time, unlike real ones and will never wilt. Everyone loves the fact that you can also take them apart and spend the money to buy yourself something you want.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silk floral rose
  • Green floral tape
  • Green floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Five crisp dollar bills
  • Pen or pencil
  • Hot glue gun


supplies needed to make paper money flowers

Remove the Silk Flower Head


silk rose head removed from stem to make paper money flowers


The first step is to remove the silk flower head. You can save the rose petals for another craft project. Cut off the bulb at the top of the stem with wire cutters. Make sure to keep the sepal because you will be attaching it to your money rose in a later step.

Prepare the Dollar Bills


dollar bills arranged in order to make paper money flowers


Lay the five dollar bills in a row. The first bill should be face up. This dollar will be the center bud of the money flower. The other four should be face down. The face-down bills will be the petals that surround the flower bud.

Curl the Corners of the Bills With a Pen or Pencil


five dollar bills with curled corners to make paper money flowers

Curl the corners of the four downward facing bills with a pencil towards the center of the bill. The dollar bill that is going to be the flower bud has two corners curled downward, and two corners curled upward.

Form the Petals with Floral Wire



money rose curled dollar cornersp

Pinch the middle of the bill with your fingers and wrap floral wire around the center of the bill. Do this with the remaining four bills.

Form the Paper Money Flowers Centers

the center of the dollar money rose

Squeeze the bill that is to be the flower bud gently with your hand, pressing the petals into a rosebud shape.


Form the Paper Money Flowers Head

paper money rose head


Arrange the money petals around the center bud into a pleasing rose shape. You may have to arrange the petals a little bit with your fingers to get a pretty flower shape. Wrap the stems together with floral tape.  Cut the stem with a wire cutter so that the stem of the flower head is approximately three inches long. Place the rose next to the top part of the stem and wrap with floral tape to attach the flower head to the stem.

Attach the Silk Floral Sepal


attached silk floral sepal to money rose

Cut a line between two of the sepal petals into the inner circle. Wrap the sepal around the floral stem and attach it to the base of the flower head with hot glue.

Present the Rose to the Graduate


single money rose on mortar board

Your graduate will appreciate this gift in several ways. The effort you put into making the gift and the monetary value will make this a treasured graduation present.


If you still need additional help, be sure to check out the  video below. You can follow the easy step by step instructions provided in the tutorial



Special thanks to Steph from YouTube channel for sharing this informative rose money tutorial.

If you love crafting paper flowers make sure to check out our paper flower category page.




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