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Painted Ceramics: Recycled Thrift Store Ceramic Owl

Many people feel that recycling is essential for the world. They believe we should make an effort to make do with what we have, attempt to recycle our trash, and just avoid waste in general. Some of the most beautiful and fun craft projects are repurposed from things that we would typically put into the garbage. During the past few years, for example, recycled paper tube crafts have been very popular. Not to mention paper mache projects, painted ceramics and decoupage both of which use leftover papers with often stunning results.

I wanting to find some craft recycling ideas, was perusing project photos on Pinterest the other day and noticed that a lot of people would paint ceramic objects to update them. There were an awful lot of ceramic owls in the mix. Last week while in a thrift store, lo and behold, I came upon a little-painted owl and decided to try updating him with paint. My motto is “spray paint makes everything better.”
I like the ceramic owl’s look much better after two coats of Rustoleum spray paint with primer. I realize that it is not a great work of art, but this example does show how much better some things look when coated with a layer of white paint.
We crafty types love to save our hard earned cash and use our creative gifts at the same time!So why not go to your local thrift store or hit up some garage sales in your area. You just might find something that could be transformed from trash into treasure. You never know what you will discover!

If you want to make more recycled crafts make sure to try out this beautiful paper tube flower and recycled plastic bottle party lights on my site!

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